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Gate automation is the art of creating gorgeous controlled entry ways.

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We Specialize in commercial & residential gate automation.


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Your gate is the entrance to your property and should reflect your individual style. More importantly your gate helps protect your family. We take pride in ensuring that your gate system is something you appreciate every time you arrive home. Wrought Iron & Gates carries a variety of residential gate systems for all makes and models from very simple to custom tailored solutions. With many types of gates and gate operators in the market today, our qualified and knowledgeable staff will help you navigate through your choices and understand the quality and functionality of the system you are paying for. We believe in educating our customers so that they fully grasp the value of their dollar. With all the changes in technology today, there are many interesting new solutions available to match your individual taste while keeping your home’s perimeter safe and secure. Already have an existing gate you love? We can automate it for you!

Wrought Iron & Gates provides all the following residential services:

We offer a full suite of Residential Access Control
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Keypads
  • Radio Receiver and Transmitters
  • Internet Access
Full suite of Safety Devices
  • Security Cameras
  • Vehicle Detection Loops
  • Photo Cells
We service and sell all Residential Gate Operators
  • Swing Gates
  • Slide Gates

Industrial Gate Automation from Wrought Iron AZ

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For over 7 years, Wrought Iron & Gates has assisted commercial and industrial clients with their security needs. Our dedicated, knowledgeable sales staff will help you select the proper type of gate system that meets your particular requirements. Standard chain link gates are not the right fit for every application!

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We specialize in designing your entry system to provide you with the level of security you require and the proper functionality you need. We are experts in gate automation who can integrate our systems with your existing ones. We can also help you design a project start to finish. Because we offer more than chain link operators, we can customize a solution for you to ensure that your assets are protected and your perimeter is secure.

Sales, Wrought Iron AZ: (623) 296-8389

Wrought Iron & Gates provides all of the following Commercial and Industrial Services:

We sell and service all gate types, including:
  • Slide Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Barrier Arm Gates
  • Specialty Gates
  • Turnstiles
Safety Devices
  • Photo Eyes
  • Vehicle Detection Loops
  • Probes
  • Leading Edge Safeties
Access Controls
  • Radio/Receiver Transmitters
  • Keypads
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Intercoms
  • Card Swipes
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Fobs
  • Internet Accessible
  • Solar Powered Systems
  • Battery Backup Systems
  • Slim Lanes, Smartlanes

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